Thursday, 3 February 2011

Illustrator Brief

Newest brief is to use Adobe Illustrator to create a a set of information graphics that will 'clearly communicate a range of activities that will enable people to survive and thrive in times of austerity. '

Our tutor Pete showed us a great selection of old information graphics, such as the 'Protect and Survive' series of the 1970's, issued to inform people of how to survive a nuclear attack. Below are stills from the brilliantly awful credits at the end of each warning film.. worth a watch on youtube for the hilarious music.

My group is to base our instructions on thriving 'at home', and I have decided to create instructions on how to survive as a student without central heating. I want to give it a slightly amusing tone, so will add a few more extreme steps for survival, e.g. 'grow a beard'..hmm.

Here's a few of my own experiments using Illustrator..I have never used the software before so it took me a while! I haven't decided exactly how I want it to look yet, I feel that the more simplified image is slightly more relevant for a set of instructions, yet I really like the look of the more detailed image. We'll see. 

Remain wrapped up at all times!