Saturday, 31 March 2012

Paradise Now

Last project of term - a group publication project based on the work "Territories". My group (Bradley Bell, Don Ackerman, Katie Knowles, Jasper van den Bosch and Will Whiting) were lucky enough to meet Richard 'Saleem' Sleeman, an all round genius whose current project is titled "Paradise Now". Our publication questions the true meaning of 'Paradise', by exploring the term through Saleem's eyes. Paradise in his case, has been fulfilled through his friends, family and the work that he does.

The book was printed and bound at Old Street Press, and was displayed in an exhibition called Eightfold at the Russian Club in Dalston. Absolutely loved this project and have really gained a new interest in editorial design.

Saturday, 3 March 2012


I've been developing a new website to show my work..

Friday, 2 March 2012


A project created for a brief titled 'Cataloguing Collections' - involving creating and producing a book using traditional bookbinding techniques, cataloguing a personal collection.

I wanted my collection to question the idea that a collection has to be a group of alike objects. By spending a lot of time searching through facts and trivia, I was able to link an obscure collection of objects together, and it was the information gathered which connected one object to the next. SPAM presents a series of photographs of a collection of objects. 

The book is perfect bound, and covered with a simple dust jacket.

At a first glance, the choice of items may appear obscure, however it is through the text that follows alongside each image that a link between one object to the next is created.
This book questions the idea of a collection as a group of alike objects, and explores how disparate objects can be related in some way.