Friday, 2 March 2012


A project created for a brief titled 'Cataloguing Collections' - involving creating and producing a book using traditional bookbinding techniques, cataloguing a personal collection.

I wanted my collection to question the idea that a collection has to be a group of alike objects. By spending a lot of time searching through facts and trivia, I was able to link an obscure collection of objects together, and it was the information gathered which connected one object to the next. SPAM presents a series of photographs of a collection of objects. 

The book is perfect bound, and covered with a simple dust jacket.

At a first glance, the choice of items may appear obscure, however it is through the text that follows alongside each image that a link between one object to the next is created.
This book questions the idea of a collection as a group of alike objects, and explores how disparate objects can be related in some way.

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