Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tea and Banter cont..

So I have been working with Bradders, eventually to produce a 'shrine' combining our two passions: tea and banter. As a starting point we decided to have a day out, looking around for tea-related things with a banter along the way. We visited the fine china section of Harrods and were soon asked to leave as photography was prohibited. But we got a few pictures, and saw how tea sets were arranged which gave us a few ideas for how we could incorporate tea in our shrine.

We then stopped for tea in a lovely shop called L'Opera in Knightsbridge, a very educational experience especially for Bradley..

Perhaps the most valuable part of our research day was a trip to the Ceramics section of the V&A. There was an overwhelming collection of tea sets, and an interactive 'design your own teapot' game.

 Bradley designing teapots..

The teapot designing reminded us of an initial idea, which was to somehow add subtle banter phrases to delicate china tea cups. As an experiment we used Letraset transfers on teacups found in a charity shop. 

We liked the idea of subtle additions of banter, but feel that for our final shrine, the 'banter biscuits' would actually show this more successfully.

However instead of words such as 'Banter', 'Lol' etc, we will make biscuits that imply banter in conversation; phrases rather than single words as banter does come through chat. We hope to find a beautiful teaset (we think blue china looks best) and create a tea-party setting, which we will photograph with the biscuits creating some sort of banteriffic narrative. Fingers crossed.

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