Wednesday, 27 July 2011

What's Round The Back?

Has to be said - dressing up as a clown at a busy London pub was one of the more bizarre tasks I have undertaken this year at Chelsea...

Final Project of the year was film, with Ed Gill. Each group was given a different title for a film. The brief was to take our title, and based around it, produce a 1 minute long film with a full narrative. A script, time plan, storyboard, costume/location specs also had to be made in a pre-production booklet. Each film was to be played at Chelsea College's 'Oscars Night', with awards for various categories. My group's title was "What's Round The Back?"

After a lot of ideas, planning, filming and stressful editing with Jonny Holmes, Hannah Perse-Clarke and Joe Hayes, here is the final film. Enjoy!

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