Sunday, 14 August 2011

Summer Work

Well into the summer break now, and I have actually been a lot busier than I initially thought I would be which i'm really happy about..its really nice to be making the most of the long holiday! 
I started off with a week spent in the Popular design studio with Peter Chadwick. Although I was only there for a short amount of time, I learnt so much about how everything works in the professional world, and was lucky enough to participate in some live projects which was a really good experience. 

Whilst working with Peter, I designed this banner for Trekstock. The banners were placed outside the Trekstock pitch at both Field Day and Underage festival, promoting t-shirts designed by bands such as Metronomy, Foals and Maccabees exclusively for the charity. 

More recently, I have been given the opportunity to start an internship with clothing brand, Illustrated People. I am working amongst the creative print design team, who are responsible for coming up with the designs to be screenprinted on to each piece. I have only been interning for a week and am loving it already, but I am working with the company util the end of summer, so more to come here!

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