Thursday, 10 November 2011

Consume Peckham

Consume Peckham is our most recent project, which involves creating a short documentary film based on a local business in Peckham. The films are all going to be screened to the public at the Peckham Multiplex cinema in December.

I am in a group with Genevieve de Rohan Willner and Thanawat Singtosap..and am really excited about the project. After visiting Peckham and a few of it's businesses, we have decided to base our documentary upon Jonathan Payne Ltd, a local building company. We have met with Jonathan, who is really keen to let us follow him and his builders through their daily routine, so filming has started involving some very early mornings!

Here are some stills of what we've been filming so far:

(Stuart - our favourite man to interview!)

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