Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Consume Peckham - Jonathan Payne Ltd

Last Thursday, our documentary films were screened at the Peckham Multiplex Cinema. Each of the films are based on different businesses in the local area; my group's was with Jonathan Payne Ltd. And here is the end result:

'Jonathan Payne Ltd:
By Genevieve de Rohan Willner, Thanawat Singtosap and Emily Crook
This documentary follows a Peckham-based construction company, owned by local resident Jonathan Payne. Following a recent start-up, Jonathan Payne Ltd is soon hoping to become Peckham’s local construction company of choice. With a tight knit team of 8 men, Jonathan Payne Ltd are currently working on three sites in the Peckham Area. The documentary follows the team through their daily routine as well as the ups and downs of the trade. Stereotypical views on builders are questioned, as they reveal the realities of manual labour. The voice of Stuart, Jonathan Payne’s site manager talks us through his personal experiences as a builder as well as an overview on his team and the dynamic amongst them and builders in general.'

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