Thursday, 4 November 2010

Logos Logos Logos.

New brief was to design a logo which communicates "Introduction to Study in Higher Education", with our own personal mission statement as a starting point.

My mission statement was the idea of moving away from the ordinary/expected, and thinking 'outside of the box'. (Yes - mahoosive cliche.)

First task was to come up with 100 logo designs, from which a final idea was to be picked and refined. This is what I rustled up:

and this is the logo that was picked out for refinement in the crit at the end of the week:

Here are a few of the variations I made on the chosen logo:

I then started to experiment by producing this shape in 3D and taking some photos, showing the arrow falling out of the box in different directions:

I liked this idea as it was a bit more interesting than the original design, but the photographs needed a lot of refinement in order to become logos. I took the photographed variations into Photoshop, and after a lot of attempts at getting the angles and positioning of the arrow just right, here is the final result:

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